International Agreements

Georgia Tech is interested in establishing educational and research relationships with high-caliber international partners.  These partnerships begin with a Memorandum of Understanding documenting the intention of both parties to work together, and fit into four broad categories:

     1. Agreement for Bilateral Exchange (OIE)
     2. Agreement for Direct Enrollment (OIE)
     3. Joint/Dual Degree Program (OIE)
     4. Sponsored Research Agreement (GTRC)


For information on educational agreements, please contact Amy Henry, executive director in the Office of International Education.

For information on research agreements, please contact Yatri Amin, associate in industry and international contracts, at the Georgia Tech Research Corporation.

Developing Study Abroad Programs

Georgia Tech strongly encourages and supports student participation in study abroad programs. Faculty are integral to developing and and leading successful international opportunities for our students.  Study abroad program proposals are reviewed and approved by the Institute's Graduate and Undergraduate Study Abroad Sub-Committee.  Students participating in co-curricular and non-formal international experiences should also work with OIE to register their travel.  

Georgia Tech faculty interested in developing faculty-led study abroad programs or leading students abroad, may contact Lorie Páulez, Director of Education Abroad, for information about the process and for sample documents.

Hosting Visiting Scholars & Interns

The Office of International Education and the Office of Global Human Resources are responsible for visa sponsorship, compliance, and providing advising support to the foreign national and the hiring or hosting unit. There are several visa options for hiring and hosting non-U.S. persons. The Office of International Education is responsible for the F student and J Exchange Visitor visa sponsorship and the Office of Global HR responsible for the B, H, TN, O and U.S. Permanent Resident sponsorship processes.

Export Control and Conflict of Interest

When engaging in research or even just planning a business trip abroad, Georgia Tech faculty should familiarize themselves with export controls and embargoes. You must ensure that any information that you will discuss or any items that you will take with you are either not controlled, or if controlled, proper licenses are in place.

Because you, as an individual, and Georgia Tech can be held liable for improperly transferring controlled technology, it is important that you review these federal requirements.

Consult the export control page on the Georgia Tech Office of Research Integrity Assurance website.

Travel Abroad

Travel Alerts and Advisories and GT Global HR

Georgia Tech faculty traveling abroad should consult the U.S. State Department website for the latest conditions abroad that may affect their safety and security.

Insurance, Health and Immunizations

CDC Travelers' Health offers information to assist travelers and their health-care providers in determining the vaccines, medications, and other measures necessary to prevent illness and injury during international travel. Georgia Tech faculty should consult the latest CDC Travelers' Health information prior to traveling abroad.

Consult this guide to identify which travel insurance is appropriate for you.