Georgia Tech’s international activities are empowering students to provide solutions to global challenges, and explore new opportunities through study abroad, work abroad, research abroad, or service abroad.

Study Abroad

Georgia Tech has over 140 study abroad programs in 60 countries.  A list of programs and application information is available on the Office of International Education (OIE) website.

International Plan

The International Plan (IP) is a challenging and coherent academic program that develops global competence within the context of a student's undergraduate major. It is a degree-long program that integrates international studies and experiences into any participating major at Georgia Tech. Information for prospective and current IP students is available on the Office of International Education (OIE) website.

Global Internships

To meet the needs of a rapidly changing society and global economy, an increasing number of employers are looking for college graduates who are able to work in diverse settings, thus making global internships a crucial element of a student's formal education. Georgia Tech is one of the few U.S. campuses to have staff dedicated to finding international internships and advising students about work abroad. Internship opportunities and resources are available on the Office of International Education (OIE) website.

International Students and Scholars

Georgia Tech's international students and scholars are a vital part of the campus community and contribute to the intellectual environment with their diverse perspectives.  Information for current and future Georgia Tech students and scholars is available on the Office of International Education (OIE) website.

English as a Second Language

The Language Institute helps international students, professionals, and visitors improve their English proficiency. Full- and part-time programs, daytime and evening classes, and customized programs are available. More information on these programs is available on the Language Institute website.


Financial assistance is available for students interested in studying abroad.  Information and requirements for financial aid can be found on the Office of International Education website.

Student Organizations

Georgia Tech has more than fifty student organizations with an international or cultural focus.  A complete list of these organizations is available on the website of the Office of Student Involvement. 

On-Campus Internationalization

To provide international and intercultural learning on the Atlanta campus, many programs such as service learning, lectures, festivals, and workshops are available to students. These programs enrich the academic, leadership, and personal development of the student community.

Other Global Programs

Undergraduate and graduate students at Georgia Tech have the opportunity to participate in additional global programs designed to enhance their studies with unparalleled cultural experiences.