With more than 150,000 graduates throughout the world, including the U.S., the Office of International Development serves to connect Georgia Tech Alumni, parents, corporate partners, and other sources of support with each other and back to the Institute. 

The Office of International Development has international representatives located in Asia, Europe and Latin America who serve as liaisons between Georgia Tech and various local alumni networks within those regions.  Alumni may reconnect with Georgia Tech in a variety of ways. More than 100 geographic alumni clubs offer alumni an opportunity to network, support the recruiting of Tech students, raise money for local scholarships, and serve in a volunteer leadership role.

Through the networks and by transferring the traditions of philanthropy the Office of International Development offers our constituencies an opportunity to engage in the support of Georgia Tech's programs either on campus or abroad through a variety of instruments appropriate to those circumstances.

Alumni who live or work overseas may stay connected with other Tech alumni through networking facilitated by the Office of International Development as well as the Alumni Association.

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Development Opportunities

The Office of Development is charged with securing private support for Georgia Tech. Gifts from individuals, corporations, and foundations often make it possible for Georgia Tech to participate in new initiatives, to offer students or faculty exciting opportunities for broader educational and research experience, and in short, take us ""from good to great,"" on many levels.

Nowhere is private support more valuable than in the expansion of Tech's activities into the international arena, where state funds cannot be used. With costs in many countries much higher than in the U.S., funds are needed to supplement living and travel expenses for students and faculty.

We are also in need of support for international exchanges, professional conferences, collaboration opportunities, and other activities designed to offer the Tech community with the enrichment provided by living, working, and studying in countries other than our own.

Opportunities exist to provide support for specific disciplines or in specific countries, and appropriate naming opportunities are available.

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