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<p><strong>Nico Declercq Inaugurates Aryabhatt Auditorium at VBSP University, Janupur, UP, India</strong></p>

<p>Dr. Nico F. Declercq, Mechanical Engineering Professor at Georgia Tech Lorraine, gave a plenary talk at the International Conference on Ultrasonics and Materials Science for Advanced Technology 2019 (ICUMSAT-2019), in Jaunpur, India, on November 16-18, 2019, where he was the guest of honor.</p>

<p>Declerq inaugurated the new Aryabhatt Auditorium (named after classical Indian mathematician-astronomer Aryabhatt) at the Rajju Bhaiya Institute of Physical Sciences for Study and Research at Veer Bahadur Singh Purvanchal University, Jaunpur. Uttar Pradesh, India.</p>

<p>Dr Declerq gave the very first lecture held in the auditorium. The event is commemorated by a granite plaque at the entrance of the auditorium, with Declercq’s name on it (a translation of this plaque is attached).</p>